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Alne Wood Park Pricing

2024 Prices

The current pricing for plots and burial charges are shown below. Reservation forms for both of these, along with site regulations and a copy of the pricing, can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Single Burial Plot

£ 950

Additional Burial Plots*

£ 800

Interment Fee**

£ 750


Single Ashes Plot

£ 300

Family Ashes Plot***

£ 750

Ashes Interment Fee**

£ 180

* When purchased at the same time as a full-price plot. 
** Interment fee covers gravedigging, administration and onsite attendance by Alne Wood Park staff. It is payable only at time of booking a burial. These charges apply when a burial is made between the hours of 10 am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. Arrangements on weekends may be possible, but should be discussed with the management and may incur an additional charge.
*** Up to 4 interments. 


Circular Stone

£ 560

Wooden Plaque

£ 250

Memorial stone plaques are 12" diameter x 2" thick, Forest of Dean sandstone, sourced from a local stonemason. Wooden plaques are made from a single section of Forest tree trunk with laser engraved text - these vary in size but are typically 10"- 14" diameter, these are designed to be a more temporary solution lasting a few years and will deteriorate over time and eventually rot away. The price for the memorial stone and wooden plaque includes the inscription carving and placement on the gravesite. To allow for settling of a grave then plaques are typically ordered and placed 8-12 months after burial. For ashes burials the plaque can be placed sooner. 

Tree planting

Alne Wood Park does not allow tree planting on an individual grave site. However, there are opportunities to dedicate a tree at other sites in the wider Heart of England Forest. 


If you are booking an interment or arranging a funeral and you do not already have a plot reserved, please download both the Burial Plot Reservation Form and the Burial Notification Form below. 

If you wish to pre-purchase either a burial or ashes plot at Alne Wood Park then download, complete, and return just the Burial Plot Reservation form. 

Site regulations should be downloaded and read carefully before completing any of the other forms. Any questions, please contact us

Burial Plot Reservation Form
Burial Notification Form
Memorial Stone Order Form
Alne Wood Park - Site Regulations
Alne Wood Park Price List