Edge of the circular path and Alne Wood
Burial Plot Reservation

Reserving burial plots at Alne Wood Park

Plots can be purchased either as needed or in advance. Different sized plots are available depending on whether full or ashes burial is required. An ashes plot can be purchased individually or as a family ashes plot that contains space for a total of four ashes burials.

All pricing and booking information, along with our site regulations, can be found on our Pricing & Reservations page. 

We encourage people purchasing a plot to visit the site to select the specific location, it is also essential to read the "Regulations" to ensure full understanding of what is involved in choosing Alne Wood Park. Please contact us if you have any questions or to arrange a visit.

Once payment is confirmed we will issue a Burial Plot License and reserve the chosen position in our record keeping software. Purchase of a plot provides the exclusive right of burial within that plot but does not imply or provide ownership of the land the plot lies on.

Reserving a plot for the future

Securing a plot in advance provides peace of mind that a specific burial location has been reserved. This is particularly important if a plot adjacent to an existing burial or another reserved plot is required. In addition, this locks in the current price and relieves the burden of bearing the cost associated with buying the plot at the time of death. 

Before reserving a plot we suggest discussing this choice with close relatives, so they understand both the reasoning and the rules governing the choice of buying a plot at Alne Wood Park. 

Plot ownership cannot be transferred, but for plots purchased in advance there is a 90-day period from the date of issue in which the licence holder can change their mind and receive a full refund. A plot can be allocated by the owner for burial of any nominated individual. 

Where a plot is purchased in advance, a licence will be issued which is valid for a period of 20 years. This will then be re-issued every 20 years as long as contact details are kept valid. As per British law, exclusive right of burial in a plot is granted for a period of 99 years. 

Please get in touch with us to arrange a visit to the site for a tour and to see the choice of available plot locations.