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Alne Wood Park History

Around AD 809, Coenwulf of Mercia gave land at Alne to the Abbey of Winchcombe, this land is recorded in the Domesday book of 1086. Part of this land parcel, Alne Wood, the oak forest that cradles the burial ground, is specifically mentioned in land records as far back as 1240 before being absorbed into the royal forest of Feckenham in 1326.

More recently Alne Wood and it's surrounding land formed part of the Spernal Estate. This was purchased in 2004 by Felix Dennis, the founder of the Heart of England Forest charity. Part of his vision was to create a burial ground adjacent to Alne Wood, to help support the mission of the charity, provide local employment and plant trees in the surrounding area. In 2012 planning permission was granted for the natural burial ground and to build a reception building and the first interment was made in 2013. However, after Felix’s death in 2014 the building plans were put on hold and subsequently the burial ground was managed independently by a local funeral director who oversaw burials onsite and reserving of burial plots. 

In 2023, The Heart of England Forest resumed direct control through Alne Wood Park Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary company. A full-time manager was appointed and a program of significant investment to improve on-site infrastructure and implement digital record keeping and mapping was undertaken. New gates and benches were installed and a grounds management plan, to develop the wildflower biodiversity introduced. Revised plans have been submitted to develop the carpark area and to build a small office and other facilities for visitors. 

Going forward, the goal for Alne Wood Park is to become one of the leading Natural Burial grounds in the UK. This will be achieved by empathetically offering an eco-friendly burial choice, in a stunning location, that ultimately also supports the incredible work of the Heart of England Forest through all profits being gift-aid donated back to the charity. We welcome people coming to look at the site, if you are interested in arranging a visit please contact us.

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