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Attending a Funeral


Alne Wood Park
Spernal lane
Great Alne
B49 6JG

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For driving directions and information about public transport, please visit our directions page.

Site access

On the day of a funeral the gates will be open at least 45 minutes before the schedules time for the funeral. As you drive into the Alne Wood Park site you will see a large parking area for visitors. Other than the funeral cars and vehicles for those who may have difficulty climbing the hill, all cars should be parked here and the burial site accessed on foot. The walk to the grave-site can take 10 minutes over uneven terrain. 

Depending on the recent weather the ground can be muddy. As such, we’d recommend suitable footwear, in dry conditions flat shoes or trainers may suffice, however if it’s been wet then Wellington boots or walking boots will be more suitable.

The excellent views afforded by the site do mean that it is open to the elements, consequently, if the weather forecast indicates the potential for rain or wind, please wear appropriate clothing and consider bringing umbrellas.

Please be aware that Alne Wood Park does not currently have any toilet facilities onsite. 

Funeral Cars

On the day of the funeral we allow the main funeral vehicles and cars of anyone who may have difficulty walking up to the burial ground access to the track to the top of the hill. Cars should follow the track to the left as they go up the hill and drive around the circular track to the place closest to the grave site and park behind the funeral cars.

After the funeral they can continue round the track and then drive back down the hill. While driving up the track will reduce the need for those in the vehicles to ascend the slope, depending on location there may still be some distance to cover across uneven and potentially muddy ground to access the grave-site. As such we’d recommend that those who may need assistance have someone who can help them.


Only natural cut flowers or plants which have all their packaging and foam blocks (oasis) removed can be left on the grave, these can be tied with compostable material such as jute twine. To minimise environmental impact we suggest buying locally sourced, British grown flowers or bringing tributes from your garden. Once the flowers have wilted staff will remove them and they will be composted.

We understand the desire to leave other tributes but ask you to note that to maintain a natural environment and ensure safety for local wildlife nothing else should be left on a grave site - anything found other than naturally tied plants will be removed by site staff. 

Please contact us if you have any other questions about attending a funeral or access to the site. 

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