Alne Wood Park Burial Ground
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About Alne Wood Park

Alne Wood Park is owned by the Heart of England Forest, a charity with the mission to create and conserve a huge native broadleaf Forest in the Midlands. Running a Natural Burial ground fits perfectly into the charity's goals to care for the local and global environment, as well as engage meaningfully with the community.

On this page you will find links to learn more about the concept of natural burial and how it helps the environment, information on the long history of the site, how we are looking to preserve it through our management plan, and also more about the Heart of England Forest charity.

The gallery of images at the bottom of the page shows the natural beauty that we are are proud to be maintaining for future generations.

Natural Burial Grave Site
Natural Burial
What are the benefits of having a Natural Burial at Alne Wood Park?
Dandelion seed head
Site Biodiversity
How do we benefit the local environment?
Aerial View of Alne Wood Park and surrounding land
A History of Alne Wood Park
A short history of the site and its development
Ancient bluebell woodlands
The Heart of England Forest
Discover more about the charity that owns Alne Wood Park
Find answers to many of the common questions we receive about Alne Wood Park and Natural Burial.
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