Bench overlooking a view of trees and fields into the distance

New benches and gates

27 November 2023
James Booth, Alne Wood Park Manager

With the Heart of England Forest taking back direct management of the Alne Wood Park site a program of updates has begun. The installation of new entrance gates and the addition of benches around the circular track are the first improvements to be made.

The new gate creates a much more elegant entrance into the site. This is currently locked with a combination lock, but will be electrified at some point in the future and a key-pad opener installed. 

There are three new benches; two of these look out over the views to the front of the burial ground, with the third at the back overlooking the ancient oaks of Alne Wood. These benches provide a good place to rest when you've made the walk to the top of the hill and also provide a nice place to sit and reflect when visiting.

Both the gate and the benches have been well received by everyone I've spoken to onsite. We'll be looking to make further improvements as we go forward into 2024. 

New gate at Alne Wood Park
New entrance gates at Alne Wood Park
Bench looking over the view at Alne Wood Park
Oak bench looking over the view at Alne Wood Park
Close up of side of bench
Oak bench close-up